Silverlight Controls in MOSS 2007 web parts

Oct 1, 2009 at 10:04 PM

I am having sizing difficulties with my SL 3(and 2) controls inside a webpart...The silverlight control does widen to the width of the web part.  For example, if I set the width of my User Control to 250 and the width of my Web Part to 250, the SL control gets cut off...The SL Control width needs to be about 15 or so pixels LESS than the width of the Web part.  I really would like the right side of the SL Control to line up with the Right side of the Header for the web part. 

I tried loading the SL control from the webpart(code behind)...I ALSO tried using a Content Editor Web part with the Object HTML tag inside that loads the SL control.  It loads, but sizes the same as being loaded from the Web part.

I really love using SL in MOSS, but I just need to get this one thing working.